The band embraces the anxious, heady joys of desire.

Among Braids’ many talents is their ability to take deep issues of the heart and sing about them in wonderfully catchy, vibrant arrangements. For “Young Buck” though, the band takes this vibe into one of their best, danciest grooves yet. The bubbling digital touches and the club-ready percussion makes for great, anticipatory moments, ones that are rewarded when the chorus hits and the rhythm takes off.

The music is the perfect launching point for a song about the mixed-up feelings of love and lust. As Raphaelle Standell-Preston said about the song, “We wrote this song to capture the nervous anticipation of desire, the delicate chase of seduction, the highs and lows of obsession, and the humour in between.” It’s about the strive for love rather than the destination. The monster chorus reflects that when she sings, “It’s seeming so hard/ To ever be loved by you.”

“Young Buck” will appear on Shadow Offering, out April 24 via Secret City.