An 80s-infused pop throwback.

Caroline Polachek knows how to tie together great melodies and rhythms. She did it for years as one half of synthpop band Chairlift. Now, heading out on her own, she’s prepping to release her debut under her own name. This week, she gave us the latest taste of her 80s-imbued groove with “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings.”

It’s one of those songs that knows how to slowly layer on its best parts, so when the track bursts into an excellent, eruptive chorus, you’re eagerly anticipating the hit. Tiny synth raindrops are joined by shiny keyboard riffs, echoing guitar chords and Polachek’s outstanding vocals. Besides the main melody she sings, her voice fills in the sound itself with wordless calls that lock in seamlessly. She’s also not afraid to distort her vocals to create a cool bridge that just makes everything shine a little bit brighter. Plus, the song title is in the running for best of the year.

Polachek’s debut album, Pang, is out on Oct. 18 via Columbia.