A melancholy piano tune for the fall.

There’s a sense of sweet sadness that seems to hit when the summer ends. While there’s much to love and enjoy about the fall, the change of seasons can be wistful. “Alone, Together” by Claire George is a gentle piano ballad to match this time of year. You can picture leaves falling in slow-motion to the sound of the heavy keyboard chords landing.

But for George, the pensive keys give her space to sing about the better days of a relationship, where being alone together meant they had the world to themselves. Now, it means that the loneliness surrounds each of them, even when they’re side-by-side. “We were slipping through windows/Night swimming by moonlight/And it didn’t matter whether I was wrong or you were right,” George sings beautifully, wishing for those simpler times.

“Alone, Together” is available now.