A bit of pop, a bit of grunge.

Clairo knows how to write a wide-appealing song that doesn’t sound manufactured or fake. Despite its lo-fi nature, 2017’s “Pretty Girl” garnered 31 million views on YouTube. She knows how to fuse together her influences and interests to make something completely fresh. “Bags” is no exception.

The low-key track is propelled by a slow-groove beat and taut grunge chords. But once the chorus hits, a high-pitched, earworm synth melody kicks in. There’s something both dark and hopeful in her arrangement. She sings sincerely about wanting to pursue a relationship, but also about her fear on what that might bring. “Can you see me using everything to hold back/I guess this could be worse/Walking out the door with your bags,” she sings, her voice soulful and smoky.

“Bags” will appear on Clairo’s debut album, Immunity, out on August 2.