The best part about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is how much fun the casts of the various movies have had with promotion of the films. Even though the trailers for AVENGERS: ENDGAME have been kind of down and dour, it doesn’t mean the outside promotion will be. After all, pretty much everyone is excited for this film.

If any movie is going to make $1 billion domestically, it’s going to be this one. More than a decade of build-up is going to pay off when the movie is released later this week. Heck, even I’m planning to go see it! But just because the movie is guaranteed to make all the money doesn’t mean the cast isn’t out there still hyping it.

Here, Jimmy Fallon assembles the Avengers for a riff on Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” –

Just basing it on how much fun everyone in the cast seems to be having, this film really does deserve to make all the money. AVENGERS: ENDGAME hits theaters April 26.