Previously on THE FLASH…

It’s not the worst plan they’ve ever had. Go into the mind of Cicada’s comatose daughter, wake her up and prove to their big bad that metahumans aren’t all bad. Maybe make a new friend, but at least get him to stop the revenge killings of powered people in Central City. After all, Barry managed to bring Ralph Dibny back roughly the same way after The Thinker took over his body last season.

What could possibly go wrong, right?

When Sherloque Wells tells the team that – while it’s preferable to enter someone else’s mind with a buddy – one of the side effects is being able to read your partner’s thoughts, Nora panics and goes into Grace’s mind on her own. And she quickly gets trapped inside, requiring Barry and Iris to go in and try and save Nora as well.

But instead of entering Grace’s mind, Barry and Iris go into Nora’s, and everyone has to fight protective barriers in their respective mind prisons to reach their escapes. Grace seems to share her father’s disdain for metahumans, and she sends a version of Cicada after Nora, while the Reverse Flash attacks Barry and Iris in Nora’s head.

Reverse Flash is just one of the clues of the secrets Nora is hiding inside her head, but Barry and Iris don’t have enough context for it to make any sense. After talking with Sherloque later, though, it’s clear Barry is starting to see that something is off. And after weeks of getting little clues, Nora finally reveals through her time journal that the Reverse Flash is helping her to take down Cicada, because time is fluid. We get some more proof of that when Iris starts her own newspaper two years earlier than it happened in Nora’s future.

This episode of THE FLASH may have been a bit of “INCEPTION for Dummies,” but it went a long way to advance a lot of little plot threads for the future of the series. How much more of the future will Team Flash change? And is this the reason that the ARROWVERSE will be experiencing a CRISIS next season instead of a few years later, as it was originally presented?

It should be fun finding out.