Get reflective before ringing in the New Year.

New Year’s is typically a time for celebration. You gather your friends and family, have a few drinks, go to a few parties and try to say farewell to the previous year with a bang. But it’s also a time for contemplation, to look back at all you achieved and all you have yet to achieve. This new, ambient tune by Mary Lattimore creates the perfect setting to meditate on your life.

The Los Angeles-based harpist had a prolific year, releasing two albums over the course of 2018. “Mary, You Were Wrong” puts a lovely, dreamy cap on her work for the year. The tranquility of her harp playing brings a sense of calm, but also contains hints of melancholy. It’s the ideal setting to zone out and ruminate on your accomplishments, failures and goals going forward. Happy New Year.

“Mary, You Were Wrong” is available now.