A song that flits between the light and dark, heavy and soft.

The post-punk stylings of Thyla find a balance between their poppier and grungier tendencies. It’s their ability to move between these two sensations, sometimes inhabiting both at once, that makes their music so appealing. “Blue” is the latest such example.

Pounding drums and distorted guitars are buoyed by a shiny melodic line. When Millie Duthie sings, her voice suggests a happy, shiny tune. But the lyrics couldn’t be further from that. Instead, it’s in this soundscape that she expresses her paranoia and distress over her own life and encroaching aspects of social media. As she sings, ““I will never know where I am or what I need/ Still trying to understand my misery.” Being down never sounded so upbeat.

Thyla’s debut EP, What’s On Your Mind, will drop on Feb. 1, 2019.