A song birthed out of a miraculous recovery.

For some time, it seemed that songwriter Katie Mullins would never sing again. According a press release, she hemorrhaged her left vocal chord for the third time. But after a surprising healing, an initiation into meditation and time away from writing, the songs flowed out of her. One of those compositions is “Crocuses.”

The track puts most of its focus on Mullins’ extraordinary voice, layering different melodies on top of each other. Solely through her stacked vocals, she creates a beautiful, unique atmosphere that sounds ancient and infinite. Lyrically, it speaks towards reaching for something intangible. As she says, “We are all striving towards the light, reaching for our desires, reaching for what calls to us, and yet, those things are often untouchable, but we all know that experience of reaching, which is fulfilling in itself.”

“Crocuses” featured on Mullins’ new EP, Three Songs, out on Oct. 26.