Two of the most underrated rappers today join forces.

For fans of P.O.S. or Astronautalis, Four Fists has been a long-awaited project, coming up in interviews or at concerts for years. The two Minneapolis-based rappers have long been collaborators, appearing on each other’s respective albums. With 6666 though, we finally get to hear the duo mix it up for a whole album. And the results are just as awesome as you’d expect. The two of them play off each other with clever wordplay, great melodies and a total disregard for following trends.

An early highlight of Four Fists’ debut is “Bobby Hill,” which brings all their prowess to the forefront. The beats hit hard and loud, drop out for a floating, ethereal chorus and then coming crashing back in. It a lurching, monstrous rhythm that gives both rappers plenty of room to show their skills. Astronautalis speeds through excellent, hilarious lines like “We cut class at lunch time/Got that? Then fall back like/LeBron James hairline.” P.O.S. brings a slower delivery, letting you feel the weight of each line, like when he raps, “Laughing at everything/Crying the rest maybe/But least I feel and care enough/To kill it for it catches me.” And all that is just one song.

6666 is out now via Doomtree Records.