Flirting with progressive rock in a fun jam.

Over their 20+ year career, the Oh Sees have become known for their ferocious, punk blasts. The energy they bring to every song feels limitless and uncontrollable. But “C” finds the band dabbling with keyboards in a more laid-back, ramshackle vibe. It’s another swing in direction for a group that’s never felt constrained by genres or past work.

Beyond the keys, “C” stands out for its saxophone-sounding synth interludes and John Dwyer’s breathy falsetto. What’s it about? Tough to tell. But the gigantic, demonic creature on the song’s artwork may be a clue! “Creature come and slay a few,” Dwyer sings, before the song spirals into a swampy acceleration. It’s an odd track, one that keeps you guessing, but also makes you want to dance around. Sounds like an Oh Sees song to me!

“C” can be found on Smote Reverser, out on August 17 via Castle Face Records.