A glassy teaser for the band’s next chapter.

Few albums have been more anticipated in the indie world than the next record by synth-and-disco band Chromatics. Ever since the excellent Kill for Love dropped in 2012, there have been rumors and release dates for the follow-up, Dear Tommy. After many false starts, this year finally seems to be the time for Chromatics to return to us with new material. “Blue Girl” is the strongest of the new batch so far.

It’s built on one of those synth lines that gets lodged in your brain. It’s laid-back, but not sleepy. Ruth Radelet sings beautifully and subtly, making every word stand out in lines like “Blue one/Don’t come undone/Make your place inside the sun/And leave this broken world.” Johnny Jewel’s production gives the track a hazy feel, like dancing in a smoke-filled room. If this is a sign of what’s to come, then Dear Tommy will be well worth the wait when it arrives this fall.

“Blue Girl” is available now.