Mark Millar’s deal with Netflix has produced its first new comic series, about problems between magical families that protect the world from the secrets that go bump in the night.

The Magic Order 1
Written by Mark Millar 
Art by Olivier Copiel

I continue to be impressed with the worlds that Mark Millar creates every time he launches a new book. When Millar’s company was bought out by NETFLIX last summer, there was an excitement about the series Millarworld had already produced being adapted for series on the streaming service, but after reading THE MAGIC ORDER‘s first issue, I would be pretty stoked about an adaptation of this, too.

THE MAGIC ORDER focuses on five families that keep magical threats under the radar of the general public. With a death among one of the families, and a greater threat looming, they need to shore up their support and make sure they can handle a coming war. It’s a mafia story with a mystical tint, and the scope of the story is enhanced greatly by Millar’s talent with character building and interactions.

Also enhancing the story is Olivier Copiel’s art, which is gorgeous from cover to cover.¬†THE MAGIC ORDER seems like a perfect candidate for a future live-action series from Netflix, and future producers have a great casting roadmap thanks to the detailed art.

How much damage can a mob war between families of magical powerhouses do? Millar will undoubtedly tell an epic story with a personal bent from here on out.