A game Nintendo Switch owners have been waiting for is on its way – Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been announced and it looks like everyone is in on the fight.

The fifth game in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros franchise is set for release just in time for Christmas this year, and the company is doing a pretty good job of hyping up the game’s latest version. The best incentive to whet fans’ appetites? A roster reveal that includes EVERYONE that’s ever appeared in a Smash Bros game ever.

That’s 65 characters, from Nintendo stalwarts like Mario, Luigi, Link, Pokemon and the Miis to characters from other companies, like Street Fighter’s Ryu, Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. That’s going to be an impressive roster and I’m willing to bet Nintendo will manage to have some more surprises up their sleeves before the game is released the first week of December.

I may have to finally break down and get a Switch now.