Supergirl and Mon-El return to Argo City, leaving the DEO to deal with a unique active shooter situation in National City. And the show gets unnecessarily political.

Previously, on SUPERGIRL

The episode picks up where last week’s left off, with Kara and Mon-El make it back from Argo City with the Harun-El. As Lena tries to manipulate the substance to find a cure for Samantha’s Reign problem, the two alien heroes battle Reign in maybe one of the worst fight sequences I remember seeing in a while. The heroes take care of Reign and transform her back to Samantha in the episode’s first quarter.

That’s it for season 3! The battle’s done and they kind of won, so they sound their victory cheer!

Of course, we still have a couple episodes to go, but before we get more bad stuff, Kara and the gang celebrate their victory and Supergirl decides she’s going to go back to Argo City to be with her own people, and also powerless. Mon-El goes with her, so he can find something to bend space and time to let the Legion know he’s ready to be picked up. And to be closer to Kara and tell her how much he loves her. But that comes later.

In the meantime, Kara catches up with her family and old friends and suspects a shopkeeper’s wife of trying to kill her. The usual stuff when you go home for a visit. Her friends and family think she’s crazy, until the second attempt. This time, though, she’s wearing a Legion flight ring and manages to catch her red-handed. She admits Selena, the council member who gave Kara the Harun-El, the Black Rock of Yuda Kal, was the leader of a Kryptonian death cult. When Kara, Mon-El, Alura and Kara’s best friend go to confront her, they discover the cult has stolen Kara and Mon-El’s ship and are on their way to Earth.

I’m guessing Reign won’t stay dormant for very long, huh?

Meanwhile, on Earth, a gun nut tries to kill a cop with some DEO weaponry, which is too strong for even James Olsen – as Guardian – to stop. This leads to an episode-long discussion about the need/use of guns, and I can’t help but roll my eyes. J’onn, Winn and James are all clearly pro-gun control, I’m guessing being used as a mouthpiece for the showrunners. While I agree with the sentiments the characters use here, I just don’t want to hear it on a television show based on a comic book about an alien girl who can fly and shoot lasers from her eyes.

The gun stuff, for me, really dragged this episode down a bit, and I think the story could have worked without J’onn and Olsen getting preachy – especially when Olsen discussed the issue with his pro-gun girlfriend, Lena. J’onn has a nice moment, talking the shooter down from killing everyone at his old law firm, though.

With the Kryptonian cult headed to Earth and working to re-ignite Reign, the last two episodes should get action packed. If there’s less moralizing and more action, it should help to make this SUPERGIRL‘s best season.