The mystery of the barn deepens for Norton in the city and Father Fred continues to adjust to life in Gideon FallsĀ in the latest issue.

Gideon Falls 3
Written by Jeff LemireĀ 
Art by Andrea Sorrentino

The early issues of any new original series will always spend some time building the world we visit every month. The characters, the locations and their interactions are, usually, vitally important to any great story. Here, in the third issue of GIDEON FALLS, Lemire and Sorrentino give us more new information as the mysteries introduced in the first two issues deepen.

In the city, Norton’s doctor pays him a visit, admitting that she, too, saw the black barn after Norton detailed it to her. While he’s somewhat relieved to hear that she now believes him, she counters, saying there must be an explanation. Norton, though, knows the power of the barn and, now that she’s seen it, he knows that she understands how real the barn actually is. The new paradigm between Norton and his doctor is an interesting change.

More interesting to me, though, is Father Fred and the random weirdness in the small town of Gideon Falls. Fred saw the barn, too, in the first issue and then found a dead body and was placed under suspicion for murder. Now that he’s been cleared of that suspicion, his curiosity is getting the better of him. Finding some of Father Tom’s papers under a floorboard, Fred makes a trip to go see Doc Sutton and finds himself enlisted as a soldier in a holy war.

I really don’t know where Lemire and Sorrentino are going with this story, but damn if I’m not completely hooked. Lemire’s writing never fails to draw me in and Sorrentino’s art is just breathtaking. GIDEON FALLS gets placed at the top of the pile every time it comes out.