A tender, rhythmic number on the pressure to reach impossible standards of beauty.

Braids’ singer-songwriter Raphaelle Standell-Preston has always used the lush soundscapes of the band to explore the stress and harshness of societal expectations of beauty and sex. “Collarbones” is another excellent track in the same vein, bringing attention to how people, especially women, feel the burden to transform and twist themselves for the sake of reaching a standard of attraction.

Over scampering percussion, vibrant keys and electronic twinkles, she sings,” See the screen light my face in this darkened place/Do you think it makes me look pretty/When I soften all my lines away?” As the song spirals towards its conclusion, she repeats fervidly, “Breasts pushed up, I’m tryna show you.”

Both “Collarbones” and another single, “Burdock & Dandelion,” are out now.