Song of the Week: Snail Mail – “Heat Wave”

This is the type of simple song that sneaks up on you and refuses to let go.

It’s rare for an artist to have one of the most anticipated records of the year be their debut album. It’s even rarer for all signs to point to that release achieving the hype around it. But so far, that seems to be the case for Snail Mail. The solo project of guitarist and singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan has crafted a near-perfect rock-pop song in “Heat Wave.”

Most noticeable is the colored textures of Jordan’s guitar playing. The track starts gently, with light chord strums. Once the drums kick in though, Jordan gets a chance to show off her underrated guitar skills with killer fills. And it continues, with a dreamy chord melody interspersed by fuzzy riffs. Lyrically, it’s a relatable piece about watching a person you love fall for someone else. As she sings, “And I hope whoever it is/Holds their breath around you/Cause’ I know I did.”

If “Heat Wave” and earlier single “Pristine” are anything to go on, Snail Mail’s debut album, Lush, will be a truly special release that everyone should check out. It’s out on June 8th via Matador Records.