A sinister song that’s spacey and earthy at the same time.

Iceage has garnered a reputation for their heavy ambiance. Their tracks pile layers upon layers of shimmering effects, smothering you in sound. But damn, do each of those layers sound great, teasing out catchy melodies and rhythms.

“Take It All” doesn’t deviate from what we’ve come to expect from the band. But the floating guitars and synths are anchored by a militaristic drumbeat as well as Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s passionate, gloomy vocals. Stick around for the closing seconds, when an arpeggio keyboard line plays the song out. It’s an icy and beautiful tone that remains as the volume fades. Piece of advice: listen with headphones.

“Take It All” is on Iceage’s fourth album, Beyondless, which drops on May 4 via Matador.