“Human For” is a rocking song about independence and finding your own purpose.

For Sunflower Bean, that purpose is making fantastic, crushing rock tunes that both hit heavy and are catchy enough to get lodged in your brain for days. “Human For” rushes forward with a cascading riff that Julia Cumming powerfully sings over. Just that distorted guitar is enough to get your heart-racing. But the words and the tight rhythm section elevate it to another level. It’s a self-empowerment track made for dancing or headbanging.

As Cumming said herself: “’Human For’ is urgent to the point of desperation and not needing someone else’s idea of religion or whatever you need to protect yourself. You can make that yourself. You can find reason in your own meaning.”

If you want to hear more, check out their band’s second album, Twentytwo In Blue, out now.