IDW’s Ghostbusters series has been building to bigger and bigger stories over the years and now all the teams from across their multiverse to combat a problem they may have caused themselves.

Ghostbusters: Crossing Over 1
Written by Erik Burnham
Art by Dan Schoening

Step-by-step, the Ghostbusters miniseries from IDW have introduced a few different universes to interact with other versions of the team. Or Ninja Turtles. From the 1980s cartoon team to the new team from the recent movie, the creative team has given fans and readers a lot of great moments. They’re hoping to continue the trend with the latest miniseries, which promises to bring everyone together.

The main team that we’ve been following the last few years has a device that lets them travel between dimensions, but they’re keeping it to themselves. But Ron Alexander, one of the members of the Chicago branch, and Holtzmann, a member of the Answer The Call team, think that the technology should be shared with others – namely, them – and decide to recreate what Ray and Egon created.

It doesn’t go well for them, mainly because of a misunderstanding between the original team.

So Ron and Hotlzmann’s new rig causes a problem and unleashes all the ghosts in the containment unit. That’s probably going to require some fixing.

The best part of the IDW Ghostbusters comics is that they are all interconnected and have been building for years now, but each miniseries feels like you could pick it up and follow the story without having read everything that came before. And even with all the complicated ties that have accumulated, you can pick up this opening issue and follow along pretty well.

Business is about to pick up for the Ghostbusters, and any fan of the property should probably start picking this up.