Legends of Tomorrow returns with this mystic horror tale.

In this mid-season return, there’s possession around, with Mallus taking control of a young girl and calling for Sara Lance. This year’s big bad is an evil force beyond this world. So when dealing with the supernatural, who better to have on the scene than John Constantine?!

Yes, Matt Ryan guest stars as the occult detective, reprising his role from the sadly cancelled NBC series. He teams up with the Legends to figure what Mallus wants with a teenager in an asylum in 2017, and with Sara. Of course, what starts as a simple exorcism goes off the rails, as Nate and Amaya run into Kuasa and Mallus sends Sara, John and Leo Snart back to 1969.

As the time-stuck trio tries to find a way back to 2017, there’s some top drama scenes between Sara and John, as they both feel damaged and unforgivable. Of course, this serious discussion turns hot and steamy, as both of these characters are wont to do. Segments like this one and his general disheveled, devil-may-care attitude make John such a refreshing presence in a show full of them. He calls Mallus a “tosspot,” he keeps jonesing for a light for his cigarette and is generally having a blast. I’m happy to hear that he’ll be returning to the show later this season.

And given what goes down in this episode, the Legends will likely need his help. While Ray and Zari break the possessed teenager out of the asylum, they are shocked to discover that the girl is Nora Darhk, Damien Darhk’s daughter that they’ve been fighting this season. The young girl in the present day is vulnerable to possession by Mallus after the death of her father on Arrow. The Darhk duo the Legends have been fighting this season are from other points in the timeline. Time travel! While Nora at this point is decidedly not evil and just wants to be a teenage girl, lighthearted attempts to help by Ray and Zari end up in failure when she sees a news segment on her father’s death. This gives Mallus his opening to take control again.

At the same time, in 1969, Sara, John and Leo come up with the fairly terrible idea of letting Mallus possess her. That way, Sara can try to use his power to get them back home, while holding the demon off from taking her completely. It somehow works. Sara even helps Nora get take back control for a bit. That is, until Damien shows up to set his daughter on the path to his past self’s resurrection.

Seems like a lot of time-jumping and mysticism, but “Daddy Darhkest” pulls it off smoothly. It gives us a great guest appearance, sets up a sympathetic back-story for one of the villains, and puts the team on a path to stop Mallus. It turns out that he can be harmed by totem owners, like Amaya and Zari. They only know of five, but Mallus speaks of “The Six.” Looks like the Legends have their next mission.

Show Notes:

  • After Nate freezes Kuasa, Amaya takes her granddaughter back to the ship for a heart-to-heart. Amaya wants to protect people and knows she can’t interfere with the timeline. But Kuasa, who watched her village burn, is determined to protect it by any means necessary. The conversation gives Kuasa some added depth and conflict, as she almost accepts Amaya’s offer to work together. But when Nate walks in, she escapes.
  • This episode also marks the farewell of Leo Snart, who decides to return to his Earth and marry his boyfriend, The Ray. As always, Wentworth Miller is one of the highlights of this show. It was great to have him back as another version of Captain Cold, even if just for a little while.
  • Leo doesn’t appreciate the timing of Sara and John’s hookup, during his capture at the asylum in 1969. “I hope no one was trying to seduce anyone while I was being lobotomized!”
  • At Gideon’s encouragement, Sara calls Ava Sharpe to “compare notes” AKA flirt heavily. But she’s got urgent news: Rip Hunter has escaped and the Time Bureau has no clue as to his location.