BLACK LIGHTNING S1x03 – Lawanda: The Book of Burial

The city of Freeland gathers to show support against The 100 and Jefferson Pierce rededicates to saving the city as Black Lightning while Tobias Whale looks to ruin both.

Previously, on BLACK LIGHTNING

The newest CW show based on a DC Comics character is quickly becoming my favorite hour of television each week. With the third episode of the series, the show expands to make the City of Freeland an essential part of the show in a way that is usually only reserved for Metropolis and Gotham City.

After the return of Black Lightning, the residents of the city that have lived in fear of The 100 have a new sense of hope that the criminal organization’s reign of terror can finally come to an end. But like a wounded animal backed into a corner, Tobias Whale and The 100 become more dangerous. Riding on the momentum of Black Lightning’s return, Rev. Jeremiah Holt openly speaks out against the city’s antagonists and organizes a rally to show solidarity and a lack of fear, much to the chagrin of Pierce and Inspector Henderson, who both try and talk Holt out of his plans. But the man of God is a man of conviction and the rally goes on, giving The 100 a target.

Despite Black Lightning honing his skills to protect the people at the rally – including his wife, Lynn, and daughters Anissa and Jennifer – Rev. Holt is killed while leading the rally and a bullet hits Jennifer’s boyfriend, Khalil, who may live, but he may never be able to to do what he loves – run track – again.

While everyone is focused on the rally, there’s a lot of other things going on with Pierce’s family. Jennifer and Khalil decide they’re ready to have sex, even though they just became a couple last episode. Jennifer lets her parents know in one of the more awkward family dinner moments on television this season, and Jefferson responds by having a little fun with Khalil by criticizing his post-shower drying routine. Anissa, on the other hand, has broken up with her girlfriend as she looks for some explanation to her growing strength.

Each episode is building the world around Black Lightning in an amazing way, and I am anxiously awaiting what the show has in store for us next.

Show Notes

• While in the library researching her new powers, Anissa meets a woman named Grace, who has an Outsiders comic in her back pocket. Despite being the second time in a week the OUTSIDERS have been mentioned on the CW, Grace is a character that originated in Judd Winnick’s Outsiders comic.

• Grace invites Anissa to a cosplay night at a bar and offers an option of wearing a Supergirl costume, giving us a hint of on which Earth Black Lightning may take place, though I guess we’ll probably have to wait for next season’s crossover to get an answer…

The fight against The 100 continues next week. Let’s take a look: