ARROWVERSE Power Rankings Week 9 – The Mid-Season Finale!

It’s been a rough couple of months for the heroes of the CW’s ARROWVERSE, and they all need to take a month (or more) off to recuperate from all they’ve been through. But before everyone breaks for the holidays, we need to take a look at the week that was and see who is at the top of our Power Rankings!

Over the last week, Joe and I have included a top five list with the recaps of SUPERGIRLTHE FLASHLEGENDS OF TOMORROW and ARROW. You should check those out to see how we got here. From those four top 5 lists, I’ve put together a Top 10 list of the characters who had the best week.

Each ranking spot will be assigned a point total (10 points for first place, down to 1 point for 10th), and character point totals will be accumulated throughout the season. As this is our final look at new episodes for the year, today we crown our 2017 ARROWVERSE Power Ranking Champion!

All four shows aired their mid-season finales this week, so the story lines for the second half of the year started to take shape this week, with new villains and stronger threats emerging from all sides. They had such strong weeks that two of them even top this week’s rankings. Let’s take a look:

  1. Samantha Arias / Reign (Supergirl) – National City’s new Big Bad finally emerges and does a lot of damage this week, killing gangbangers and pummeling Supergirl within an inch of her life. It’s hard not to see that she’s going to be a tough opponent for Kara throughout the rest of the season after an impressive outing in her first week as a supervillain. (10 points)
  2. Clifford DeVoe / The Thinker (The Flash) – His speedster prison was well-done, his initial attack on Barry surprising, and his plan as mysterious as ever. But by the end of the episode, The Thinker makes a damaging move against our heroes, switching bodies and framing Barry for murder. (9 points)
  3. Sara Lance / White Canary (Legends of Tomorrow) – The captain of the Waverider navigates them through one of the largest anachronisms yet, even partnering with Agent Sharpe to help save the day. Plus, she knows how to throw a surprise holiday party. (8 points)
  4. Kara Danvers / Supergirl (Supergirl) – Despite being beaten nearly to death at the end of the episode, Supergirl had her working cape on as she sought information on Reign before calling her out. And the fight between the two at the end of the episode was intense. (7 points)
  5. Oliver Queen / Green Arrow (Arrow) – The boss had some tough decisions to make this week, kicking Wild Dog off the team and, in essence, cutting his supporting players in half. Despite knowing it was a bit hypocritical to be upset over others keeping secrets, he did what he thought was best. (6 points)
  6. Jefferson Jackson (Legends of Tomorrow) –  Jax struggles with Martin’s death more than anyone else on the team. When young Martin shows up, he sees it as a chance to save his life. But after a talk with young Martin, Jax lets him go and leaves the Legends to find his own path. (5 points)
  7. Barry Allen / The Flash (The Flash) – He cleverly finds a way around DeVoe’s speedster trap and seems to take the villain down. He may be framed for murder, but Barry’s already working on a plan to exonerate himself. (4 points)
  8. Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog (Arrow) – Rene may have betrayed Oliver – after giving an amazing toast at the wedding party to kick off the episode – but he did it to ensure he could have custody of his daughter. (3 points)
  9. Caitlin Snow (The Flash) – No Killer Frost this week! It’s all Caitlin’s ingenuity that gets her out of a bind with Amunet. True, her first escape attempt with Dominic’s help fails. But her clever use of anesthetic buys her enough time for Cisco to vibe her out of there. (2 points)
  10. James Olsen (Supergirl) – Lena Luthor brought Olsen along on her quest to take down Morgan Edge, giving the CatCo editor the chance to save the damsel in distress and he even got the girl in the end. Though you have to wonder what his best pal Superman would think about him dating a Luthor… (1 point)

After nine weeks of adventures through time, space and dimensions, battles with mobsters and metahuman super-plotters, we have a pretty clear number one, who (ahem) ran away with the point totals for the first half of the season! Yes, The Flash is your 2017 Power Ranking champion, and it wasn’t really close. There was a good bit of movement this week, and for the first time in a while, there are no ties in the Top 10! Here are the top heroes in the ARROWVERSE for the first half of the season:

  1. Barry Allen / The Flash (45 points)
  2. Kara Danvers / Supergirl (34 points)
  3. Cisco Ramon / Vibe (32 points)
  4. Oliver Queen / Green Arrow (28 points)
  5. Sara Lance / White Canary (27 points)
  6. Mick Rory / Heat Wave (23 points)
  7. Jefferson Jackson (22 points)
  8. Dinah Drake / Black Canary (20 points)
  9. Clifford DeVoe / The Thinker (19 points)
  10. Harry Wells (18 points)

That’s all for 2017! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Power Rankings for the first half of the season, and I hope you join us when we come back in January as the CW returns SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH and ARROW the week of January 15 (LEGENDS OF TOMORROW will take over Supergirl’s Monday night slot on February 12 to finish its season, before the Maid of Might returns on April 16). The new series, BLACK LIGHTNING, will debut on the CW on January 16 as well, so we may have a new addition to the Power Rankings in the new year! Stay tuned!