On this week’s episode, two legendary timelines collide when Helen of Troy finds herself in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Meanwhile, Martin and Jax have a slight problem in their efforts to break up Firestorm.

Helen of Troy gets a bad rap. She’s often blamed for causing the Trojan War, even though it’s her two suitors who decide go to battle over her. Legends of Tomorrow dives into her mythology, giving the character more depth and catharsis than many other famous figures on the show. In Hollywood 1937, rather than armies fighting for her, Helen is caught between Warner Bros. and K&G Pictures.

Before the team can get to solving this anachronism though, they have to deal with a hilarious setback in Ray’s attempts to break up Firestorm. Martin and Jax go Freaky Friday on us, switching bodies. If you think Victor Garber and Franz Drameh enjoy taking on each other’s characteristics, you’d be understating it! Victor gets super-chill whereas Franz super-heightens his enunciation. They don’t even need to say funny lines or jokes to put a smile on your face. The best moment? Jax as Martin saying the line “Doing the nasty in the past-y,” while slowing thrusting.

It seems it shouldn’t be too complicated to get Helen back home. But this is Legends of Tomorrow. Nothing is easy! At a gala, the team runs into the team of Damien Darhk, Kuasa and Eleanor, the psychic from last episode. She’s also Damien’s daughter, with similar powers. Their appearance certainly ups the tension for this adventure. To make matters worse, Martin’s favorite childhood actress, Hedy Lamarr has been sidelined by Helen. Since she invented the radio guidance system, if she doesn’t follow her dreams due to this interference in the timeline, the ripple effect will wipe out many modern technologies. This includes half of the Waverider’s systems.

Martin goes to help get her career back on track, only to be confronted by the Darhks. Most of the Legends show up and a fight breaks out. Damien and Sara have an excellent swordfight, whereas Eleanor is powerful enough to take on Rory, Nate and Ray. It takes a reversed Firestorm (Martin’s body instead of Jax’s) using the full force of his powers to cause the Darhks to back down.

With Helen safe and onboard, the Legends prepare to return her to Troy. Bar Paly, who plays Helen, gets a chance to dig in to some good material. She laments on why men are killing each other over her and wants something more for herself, especially after seeing the women Legends rescue her and take out some Hollywood goons. Her sadness at having to go back to such a world as Troy not only connects with the audience, but also with Zari. So, she finds a loophole in history. Since it’s said that Helen disappears during the war. Zari brings her back to the correct point in time, but leaves her on an island of warrior women…. THEMYSCIRA. Legends of Tomorrow, you remain an absolute joy to watch.

Show Notes:

  • Kuasa attacks Amaya on the Waverider, revealing herself as the Legend’s granddaughter. This fight scene is okay, but Helen gets a good knife stab on Kuasa. I think she’ll fit in on Themyscira just fine!
  • During the battle with Damien Darhk and his daughter, Sara is knocked into a coma, leaving the team without a captain.
  • Nice touch with the Golden Age of Hollywood title card for the show. In fact, great job with the episode title as well! I’m always a fan of a good double entendre.
  • Sara: “We are going to save Hollywood.” Nate: “Until the Kardashians destroy it.” Ouch.

The Super Cinco:

  1. – Martin Stein – Martin in Jax’s body is the unsung hero of the week. Not only does he meet his boyhood crush in Hedy Lamarr, but after Helen’s timeline interference, he helps to get her career back on track. As a result, she goes on to invent the frequency-hopping system, an essential piece of tech for the Waverider.
  2. – Zari Tomez – While the team is supposed to solve anachronisms, Zari isn’t always willing to put everything back to just how it was. Since history says Helen of Troy disappeared, she “hacks” the timeline to bring her to Themyscira instead. Very cool.
  3. – Sara Lance / White Canary – As tempted as she is focus on finding Damien Darhk, Sara puts her personal feelings aside to keep the Legends on mission of solving anachronisms. As luck would have it, Darhk shows up anyway and Sara one-ups him in a sword fight. But his daughter uses her magic to put in a coma. Let’s hope she’s back soon!
  4. – Amaya Jiwe / Vixen – Her confrontation with Kuasa prevents her from killing Zari or stealing back Helen. While they fight to a draw, Amaya learns that Kuasa is her granddaughter. She’s shaken by this info, but holds steady and rededicates herself to defending the timeline.
  5. – Jefferson “Jax” Jackson – Jax in Martin’s body doesn’t get a ton to do this week, his mechanic skills stymied by Martin’s arthritis. But when they merge as Firestorm, he gives Martin the motivation he needs to push back against the combined force of Damien and Eleanor Darhk.