Song of the Week: Wolf Alice – “Heavenward”

No two Wolf Alice songs are the same. But they wear their influences on their sleeve.

While their tunes vary from track-to-track, the four-piece rock sounds like the 1990s. Which bands from that decade motivates the group? All of them, it seems!
But on the layered, climbing “Heavenward,” they pull from the showering shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. This isn’t a retro aping of past legends though. Wolf Alice takes those vibes and revises them for today. You can hear every instrument clearly, even among the atmospherics. The music feeds into a soaring chorus led by Ellie Rowsell’s unmistakable vocals. This song isn’t floating in space. It’s a rocket during liftoff. Their feet on the ground and their head among the stars. That’s where Wolf Alice lives.
“Heavenward” is on their sophomore album, Visions of a Life, out now.