Song of the Week: Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Deadly Valentine”

There aren’t many artists out there who are equally talented in the realms of film and music. Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of them. Her musical releases may be few and far between, but when she’s got new tunes coming out, it sounds effortless and near flawless. Take, for example, “Deadly Valentine,” off her upcoming album, Rest.

The song rides a sly, bouncy bass groove over airy synths. It’s a dance-pop jam that beautifully rises and falls like ocean waves. Gainsbourg’s voice hangs behind the music, masking itself to put all the attention on the opulent soundscape. The words that do escape though have all the signs of a fulfilled romance. “With this ring I thee wed, with all my worldly goods I thee endow,” she sings breathlessly, the music peaking in joy and grace.

Rest is available on Nov. 17 through Because Music.