Want An SNES Classic? Get Up Early Tomorrow!

It’s like Black Friday in September, as Best Buy is telling people to line up in order to get its new retro console.

Earlier today, the electronics retailer sent out an email with an announcement about the SNES Classic, which is set for release tomorrow. The email suggests that people get an early start to the day.

The email says:

Limited quantities of the SNES Classic Edition* will be available in all stores on Friday, 9/29. They will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and tickets will be handed out starting at 7 a.m. local time if customers line up prior to stores opening.

* Available in store only.

After assurances that the release of the SNES Classic would be handled better than the NES version before it, nothing really changed the second time around. Pre-orders were made available online at certain retailers late at night and the pre-order stock was quickly sold out. No doubt the console will go for much more than the $79.99 on the secondary market.

The SNES Classic features 21 Super Nintendo games, including the never-before-released Starfox 2.