After promises that things would be different this time, Nintendo and retailers Amazon and Best Buy proved that they can’t be bothered to do right by their customers.

Pre-orders for the SUPER NINTENDO Classic went live late last night with very little warning at Amazon and Best Buy – I never received any alerts despite signing up for an email from both – and apparently sold out within half an hour.

Nintendo’s web site has other retailers listed as offering pre-orders, though as of this writing, none of them have gone live yet. Target, GameStop and Walmart are all supposedly going to offer pre-orders today, so you’ll probably have to stay up stupid late to see them go live. That seems to be how Nintendo and its retailer partners prefer to do things: get the product in the hands of resellers and drive up demand for the product instead of making enough for everyone.

In addition to screwing everyone over with their pre-order release, Nintendo also released a trailer to show off the features of the SNES Classic, so people know what they’re missing out on:

Included in the special features is the opportunity to rewind a game if you screwed something up, which should make for some less frustrating moments. Now if only we could rewind back to when those pre-orders went live…

Keep checking back to see if they ever make any more or if regular people can actually pay just $79.99 to get a system…

UPDATE: Target is now out of stock.