Song of the Week: Dream Wife – “Fire”

If you’ve been to a sporting event, you probably heard “Seven Nation Army,” where  the entire crowd sings along with the guitar rather than the vocals. “Fire,” the latest song by Icelandic/English rock trio Dream Wife is in the same vein. The sharp, angular guitar riff is the type that will get stuck in your head faster than most choruses! The propulsive, powerful percussion helps to keep things moving as well. It’s like riding a bike downhill and letting gravity take care of the rest. That’s how easy it is to listen to and absorb.

The blaze mentioned in this song is the setting of a first meeting. It’s the type of night that you think you’ll remember forever, the one that may change the course of your life. As the lyrics go, “I wasn’t always your future/I wasn’t always your man/Those who were left behind us/I guess they’ll make it the best they can.”

When a track scorches like this, bringing a punk touch to melodic rock, “Fire” is an apt title! The trio’s EP, also called Fire, is out on Sept. 29.