On his debut, Alex Cameron elegantly fused sardonic lyrics and a warbly New Wave sound with moments of sincerity. On “Stranger’s Kiss” though, he leans into a Bruce Springsteen vibe.He balances the synths with some dry, desert guitar. It sounds like it could be a lost song off Tunnel of Love, especially with the occasional clacking of big 80s drums.

But for this song about the dissolution of a relationship, Cameron is joined by Angel Olsen. The gorgeous timber of her voice is an ideal counter for his smooth baritone. “Try not to focus on the pain that you’re in/Just keep on digging it down with your pail of tin,” they sing together. At the end, they’re looking for the solace of someone new to find a path out of heartbreak.

Cameron’s sophomore album, Forced Witness, is out on Sept. 8 through Secretly Canadian.

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