Fans of Voltron – the 1980s property where five robot lions came together to create a giant robot warrior – have something new to look forward to: a Lego set of the Defender of the Universe.

Lego announced earlier today that Philippines-born software architect Leandro Tayag has become the latest member of the company’s 10K Club – a designation noting that more than 10,000 fans voted for an official set based on the designs of a fan – for his creation of Voltron.

Tayag’s creation apparently includes both the five lions and the transformation into Voltron, and it looks pretty badass. You can see the set over at the Lego Ideas website.

Voltron seems to experience a resurgence every decade, and this set is the latest big event for the current craze, which is highlighted by an animated Netflix series, which is readying for its third season.

There’s no timeframe for the Lego Voltron set, but season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender kicks off on Netflix on August 4.