Tuesdays bring the release of new books and movies to keep us all occupied. Let’s take a look at what’s now available for our consumer entertainment!

New on Blu-Ray

KONG: SKULL ISLAND – The 2017 movie,starring Sam Jackson, Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston, sees a monster chaser convince the US Government to fund a trip to the South Pacific, but the unexplored island has some, ahem, interesting, wildlife.

RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA – An animated tale of the storied video game franchise, there’s a potentially deadly virus threatening New York City.

New Books

THE LATE SHOW by Michael Connelly – A female cop in Hollywood, working the night shift as punishment, stumbles onto a pair of crimes she doesn’t want to give up to the day crew.

A MIND AT PLAY: HOW CLAUDE SHANNON INVENTED THE INFORMATION AGE by Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman – The story of a small-town Michigan boy whose career gave mathematicians and engineers the tools to create the world we know.

UNDERGROUND AIRLINES by Ben Winters – In a world where the Civil War never happened, a young black man is tasked with infiltrating a local cell of an abolitionist movement called the Underground Airlines.

LAST OF THE GIANTS: THE TRUE STORY OF GUNS N ROSES by Mick Wall – A longtime friend of the band, Wall interviewed all the original members and their managers to get behind-the-scenes stories of a whole lot of debauchery.

THE WOMEN WHO FLEW FOR HITLER: A TRUE STORY OF SOARING AMBITION AND SEARING RIVALRY by Clare Mulley – a look at┬áHanna Reitsch and Melitta von Stauffenberg, talented women who made their way into the┬ámale-dominated field of flight in 1930s Germany.



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