Song of the Week: Cold Specks – “Wild Card”


“Wild Card,” the latest single by Cold Specks, creates a warm bed of snappy percussion and echoed synths.

It’s the type of musical soundscape made for Ladan Hussein’s smooth, emotional vocals. Like many of her songs, her voice forms the centerpiece of the track, grabbing 100% of your attention. The lyrics, about her mother assisting a Somalian refugee, are as moving and hopeful as “Wild Card” sounds.

As Hussein said, “There was a man in my family’s store, a new refugee, who had traveled from Somalia to Canada. By water and by foot, he had traveled halfway around the world to establish a better life for himself and his family who were still at home. My mother had never met him before. She took him to a local restaurant, fed him and found him somewhere to stay. I was astonished by her selflessness and kept humming ‘I’ll be there for you. Don’t know why.’”

“Wild Card” is available now, through Arts & Crafts Records.