It’s almost non-stop trailer action today! The latest installment of Fox’s X-Men movies takes a look at an older Wolverine in the character’s third stand-alone film. The new trailer for Logan came out today and it’s looking great.

Admittedly, I’m not as up on the X-Men cinematic universe as I am with the Marvel Studios movies or even the DC Comics movies. I walked away after X-Men 3 was a major disappointment, but after seeing the two trailers for Logan, I may have to make a point of catching up.

We get a little bit more story here, as we see Logan protecting a young girl, X-23, from soldiers who are looking to capture her. And an older Charles Xavier is right there with him, still fighting to guide Wolverine in the right direction. I’ve always enjoyed the dynamic between Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman.

Seeing Logan flip through an X-Men comic in the trailer and the depiction of Wolverine in the classic yellow and blue suit was another fun moment, a nice little wink and a nod to the origins of the character.

We’ll see if the movie can live up to the great trailers its had when it comes out on March 3.