It’s getting really easy to compare the President-elect of the United States to DC Comics villains. The man still won’t be inaugurated for another 20 days! What could have possibly happened now?

On New Year’s Eve, President-elect Donald J. Trump put out the following Tweet:

Classy, right? The President-elect seems to be redefining the term “sore winner” with every tweet he makes. Many people recognized the sociopathy that must be involved with a tweet like this. And now, we can enjoy the New Year’s message the way it should be enjoyed: being spoken by the Joker.

With all due respect to Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto (scratch that last one… that was terrible), Mark Hamill’s portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime in Batman: The Animated Series and the Batman: Arkham games will always be my favorite. And if he’s willing to do things like this, he’ll always be tops.

First Luthor. Now Joker. Oh, and I guess we got Vigo the Carpathian, too… Which villain will President-elect Donald J. Trump be next?