Quick Hits – WWE Fastlane 2018

The final WWE pay-per-view before WrestleMania is here, as the SmackDown! Live-exclusive FASTLANE features AJ Styles defending his title in a six-pack challenge. Who is going to WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans as WWE Champion?

Quick Hits – WWE Elimination Chamber 2018

The final Raw-exclusive pay-per-view/network special before WrestleMania crowned a number 1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship inside the confines of the ELIMINATION CHAMBER, while the WWE women made history again.

Monday Memories – The Main Event

After nearly a year of build-up, Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant got back in the ring for a WWF Title rematch 30 years ago today in one of the most-watched wrestling matches ever!

Quick Hits – Royal Rumble 2018

Thirty years after the WWF put the first Royal Rumble on the USA Network, WWE makes history with one of the better pay-per-views we’ve seen in a while!

Quick Hits – WWE Clash of Champions 2017

It’s the final WWE pay-per-view of 2017, as SmackDown! Live presents Clash of Champions! Can AJ Styles retain his WWE Championship against former champ Jinder Mahal? We’ll find out tonight!

Quick Hits: Survivor Series 2017

It used to be the annual Thanksgiving night tradition, but now it’s just WWE’s annual November pay-per-view. This year, the show pits Raw superstars and champions against their SmackDown! Live counterparts to prove which brand…

Quick Hits: WWE TLC 2017

A viral outbreak rumored to be mumps took out two key players in the show – Roman Reigns, who was scheduled for a reunion with his Shield compatriots in a 3-on-5 handicapped match, and Bray…

New Release Tuesday – October 3

Tuesdays bring the release of new books and movies to keep us all occupied. Let’s take a look at the highlights of what’s now available for our consumer entertainment!