The Joker

Subway Shorts – Batman: White Knight 5

The calm before the storm hits in Sean Murphy’s Gotham City opus, Batman: White Knight, with the city evolving as the former Joker, Jack Napier, continues to offer up ideas for improvement. But Batman doesn’t…

Subway Shorts – So Many Harleys

Today, I’m looking at two books that have multiple people dressed as Harley Quinn. Cases of mistaken identity abound in the second issues of both Batman: White Knight and Harley & Ivy Meet Betty &…

Subway Shorts – Punchlines

The latest issue of Batman gives us a lot of closure – the end of THE WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES, Catwoman’s answer to Batman’s proposal and maybe the last issue of Batman I pick…

Weak Start For Powerless

There clearly aren’t enough TV shows about comic book properties on the air. We definitely needed a new half-hour comedy that’s just nothing but site gags and in-jokes about DC Comics characters.

President Joker/President Trump?

It’s getting really easy to compare the President-elect of the United States to DC Comics villains. The man still won’t be inaugurated for another 20 days! What could have possibly happened now?