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Subway Shorts – Nov. 18

We have a short week of content here, as I’m only working two days this week to prepare for an early Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night. In honor of that, I’m trying to stuff as much…

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Subway Shorts – Oct. 17

Today’s books for review are all over the place, spanning from National City to Krypton (Supergirl), from the deepest reaches of space to Warworld (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps), and a New York…

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Subway Shorts – Oct. 7

There were a lot of first issues released this week – I looked at Death of Hawkman 1 yesterday – and today I look at three more (with one more still to go!). The ride…

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Subway Shorts – September 17, 2016

It was another set of randomly chosen comics read on the R train and then the N train heading back to Astoria last night, which now brings us to The Black Monday Murders and Scooby…

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This Week’s Comics

What a huge load of comics I just bought! The new twice-monthly mandate on a number of comics – plus a large amount of books I’m interested in being released in the second week of…

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Subway Shorts – September 10, 2016

Let’s kick off the weekend with the new book from the creators of Fatale, Criminal and The Fade Out. It’s the first two issues of Brubaker and Phillips’ Kill Or Be Killed.