Ranking the Seasons: The Arrowverse 2016-17 Seasons

Last week, the Arrowverse finished the latest season with a bang, as the season finales for Supergirl, Flash and Arrow all aired. How do their seasons, along with Legends of Tomorrow, rank against each other?

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Subway Shorts – Reshaping Reality

The Man of Steel is still dealing with the ramifications of what Mxyzptlk did to him, both in Superman and Trinity, while Green Arrow deal with villains who want to reshape Seattle into something else, into someplace else.

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Trailer Thursday: Flash and Arrow

The Arrowverse ended the first half of its season with a blast, coming off the Invasion! of the Dominators and then some cliffhanger set-ups for the back half of the season. Now, we have some trailers about what to expect when the shows return next week.

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Telltale’s Next Tales To Tell

Telltale Games has provided endless hours of entertainment with its unique style of video games following popular comic book, television and video game properties. The company really broke into the public consciousness with its episodic game based on The Walking Dead in 2012. With series based on Game of Thrones, Fables and Batman under their belt, what other properties could the developer work on to produce some fun content?

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Know Your Villains: Prometheus

One of the great things about the DC TV shows on the CW is their ability to take some lesser known characters and breath new life into them with a new audience. Arrow this season is doing that with its Big Bad, Prometheus. But the TV character has little to do with the comic book character created by Grant Morrison in late 1997.

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Legends of Tomorrow – Invasion


After five of their members escaped capture, it’s time for the assembled heroes to fight back against the invading aliens, the Dominators. It’s the finale of this season’s massive crossover as the heroes take on the aliens.

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