Sunday Catch-Up – October 1

Let’s finish off the weekend with a look at the week that was and the things that are happening in the Geekery world.

Well, September is over, and we all should know what that means.

Huh. There’s a video… I’ve never seen that before. Moving on…

Dark Horse Comics and Nintendo are teaming up for The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia, the third prestige volume based on the game. The 300-plus page hardcover will give an in-depth look at Hyrule and all of its characters. The volume will be released in April 2018.

• Sticking with Dark Horse, the publisher announced that once the American Gods: Shadows miniseries ends, the story will pick up with the second of three nine-issue stories based on the Neil Gaiman novel, American Gods: My Ainsel. The new series will debut with in March 2018. You can read my review of the first issue of the SHADOWS miniseries right here.

• Several outlets are reporting that Kristen Stewart and Lupita Nyong’o may be joining up with Elizabeth Banks’ new Charlie’s Angels reboot. And that’s a pretty weird combo right there… Also, why do we need a new Charlie’s Angel movie?

This Week at the Geekery

• The RETRO MOVIE NERD is back with a look at Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

• This week’s SONG OF THE WEEK features “Heavenward” by Wolf Alice.

Comics reviews this week are pretty Bat-Centric, with looks at Batman: The Murder Machine and a second edition of SUBWAY SHORTS reviews last week’s issue of Batman (with a side helping of Superman).

416 thoughts on “Sunday Catch-Up – October 1”

  1. Banks directing an Angels movie has trainwreck all over it. Pitch Perfect 2 was awful. Though how much of that was the director and how much of it being an unneeded sequel I guess is debatable.

    Shame she couldn’t work her way up from smaller scale films to something big-ish like this

        1. I remember when Damian died (oh man I miss him so much) they did the issue of Batman with no dialogue which is just Bruce mourning and it was kinda cool but I read it in 3 minutes and it didn’t seem like maybe it was worth the money I paid for it.

    1. Miss that part about being a kid. Pure excitement for things without my eeyore-like “this will probably be fun but traffic, parking, cost, what if it sucks, etc”

  2. Let’s see… I’ve got a trip to CostCo… maybe a walk in the sculpture garden because my wife has no concept of time and doesn’t care if I end up being late to work… and then I have to lower the mattress in the crib, because the baby is learning how to pull herself up.

    And then I have to go to work.

    This is a busy day that would have been impossible before we had the car.

  3. Frost on the roofs this morning but not on the ground. Looks like I still have to deal with ragweed for a while longer, since the 7 day forecast doesn’t show it getting this cold again.

    1. I did 4 on hill intervals in 40 minutes before starting the lifting circuits. Speaking of, I should finish this round

      1. I can’t treadmill run… just can’t do it.. if I do cardio inside I do other machines. I just can’t stay motivated if I’m not moving forward seeing different scenery. Also I did lots of treadmill running in my 20s and ended up with a bit of a knee issue

        1. During the week I use the elliptical but on weekends I go early and turn the tv to whatever Premier League match is on to keep me occupied

        2. The treadmills at the university gym have these cool programmes built into the display where you’re running through various places in the world. I don’t need it though, on the new one at home I just stick my tablet on the display and watch football

  4. you know what sucks… being half way into your run looking at your phone and seeing news headline 2 women stabbed in french train station attack..

    WHAT?!?!?…oh ..other side of the country

    1. I tend to shut things off or out when I’m out of a controlling situation. LIke, would have just went to sleep early last night and woke up with her already in France.

      1. I didn’t stay up for the whole thing.. I did happen to wake up around the time she got in but I’m not honestly freaking out.. I just had to stop and make sure since … I sent two women off to france and with in hours two women stabbed i france

  5. I’ve watched the video Frida put up of she and Xannie on their walk. The sound her hooves Make is just a delight.

  6. Nobody wants to come see New Found Glory with me here on Tuesday so I guess I’m only going to get to see them once next week 🙁

  7. alright I’m ready to make the football funnies this afternoon. I got all the sites up and twitter and have what games I can up and am getting a redzone stream up on the ipad

  8. Almost done with season 4 of parks and recreation. She has ran a horrible campaign and made mistakes everywhere. I have no clue how she wins this

  9. It’s just horrible lol I told Edna I wanted to leave and she said fine and I said no I mean like forever and she said fine

      1. Oh no we’re not even fighting right now we just feel like death and our friends feel like death and these kIds are loud and Doc is being awful and I just want a pitcher of Bloody Marvy and some ear plugs and a pretty lady jacking me off

  10. Encountered a 3 1/2 foot long timber rattlesnake sunning itself on a rock while walking this morning. Good reason to not listen to music while I’m in the woods.

  11. One image shows Scully bedridden in a hospital bed as Mulder sits
    nearby, looking forlorn. Carter says this shows the agents “swapping
    places” – the season finale of season 10 featured a very sick Mulder
    reacting to an alien virus running rampant while Scully seemed immune.
    Now the tables are turned. “Obviously something unexpected has
    happened,” Carter said in his deliberately vague fashion. ….Carter should sell the rights

        1. wow. A costco? Back in my day I think the big store was Waremart or something like that. I preferred going there after work in Eureka vs. going to the Safeway in Arcata.

    1. I’m not sure if it matters for NY but if you could ever swing it around 6 on a weeknight, a couple I’ve gone to in CT are like ghost towns

      1. I’m currently watching From the Back of the Room about the DIY feminist hardcore and Riot Grrrl movements. I think Gimme Danger will be next. It’s about The Stooges

        1. Standing in the Shadows of Motown and The Wrecking Crew are two of my favorite music documentaries. Also Muscle Shoals, The Last Waltz and Gimme Shelter.

      1. Well… my excitement dissipated with the lack of a follow up today. On Biscuit Day of all days! Oh well. I’m all for Biscuit being here.

        1. I don’t think so, only because if this were to be my regular schedule it would feel like I won’t have to do anything either during the day or evening

  12. Today I bought Chuck Klosterman’s new book as well as Lara Jane Grace’s book. Grace’s is pretty great so far

      1. He’s abhorrent. Hey let’s look at the race issue in America through the lens of Saved By the Bell! No let’s not do that.

      2. That book is ass butt. Fargo, Rock City is okay. It’s just him talking about metal and how much of a part of his life it was growing up.

          1. Eh, when he’s focused on a single narrative it’s tolerable-ish. Milage may vary blahdy blah doo and stuff but it’s better than a shotgun full of essays like Cocoa Puffs was.

          1. Tell her you know dinner is ready when the tube pops out…of your pants. Then just start rogering the shit out of these bitches while Gangsters Paradise plays on your phone

          2. When Grandma starts screaming from the incredible gift you’re giving her take an entire sweet potato and shove it that ho’s mouth to shut her up

    1. As long as it’s not due to offensive sloppiness, I enjoy a good defensive game at least as much as an offensive shoot out.

      1. naah, those two defenses were going AT IT. And the refs turned back the clock to the 70s letting the defensive backs hang all over the receivers.

  13. The queso in that Chipotle commercial does not represent the consistency of what I’ve seen people post on line. What I’ve seen online is more a school janitor throwing the saw dust stuff on puked up cheese

  14. Saw a copy of the comic book Amazing Spider Man #3 for sale yesterday for $2,500. Wish my father had kept his comic books because he had large numbers of early Spider Man, Fantastic Four and X Men comics, along with golden age DC comics from his older brother.

    1. My dad’s oldest brother was born in 1938 and had a ton of Golden Age comics that my dad read when he was a kid. When my uncle moved out for good in the early-60s my grandma threw them all away

      1. My dad was born in 1936 and retained an interest in comics well into his 30’s. I think he finally stopped around the time my sister and I were born.

  15. So ends another season of baseball. The Sox are in the playoffs and have zero chance against the Astros, in my opinion. I’ll go with Indians/Dodgers in the World Series and this is the year the Indians take it home. Two old school teams going at it should be the way it ends.

  16. Two of the leading breweries in the city collaborated on a stout but each produced a slightly different version using coffee from roasters local to them. I will be comparing and contrasting these.

    Also, Ninjago Movie sucks.

    1. There should be a semi-legit Home app that monitors for leaks, doors open, power outages, etc that you can also text “get me the fuck out of here” codes to that will then send false warnings to you so you can go home

  17. Reading up on the potential NYS Constitutional Convention, I find this tidbit from a July New York Times story:

    “John Bergener Jr., a retiree who lives outside Albany, would like to see the separation of New York City from the rest of the state. As chairman of Divide NYS Caucus, a political committee, he believes a constitutional convention is the best mechanism to achieve that.

    “Upstate areas, he said, have suffered economically from excessive business regulations and unfunded mandates. His vision — and he claims thousands of supporters — calls for two or three autonomous regions, each with its own regional governor and legislature. (The upstate region, north of the lower Hudson Valley, would be called New Amsterdam.) A statewide governor would be titular, with the same “powers as the queen of England.””

    What a stupid fucking idea.

  18. Reasons why I have able to go through about 75 episodes of parks and rec in about 10 days:
    1) good show
    2) only 20 minutes an episode
    3) each episode doesn’t feel like 20 min.
    4) light and breezy (nothing too intense like the wire or breaking bad).
    5) Ron Swanson is awesome

  19. One other thing I like is that parks and rec doesn’t get too political. You have a libertarian but doesn’t treat him as evil. You have other wackos but it makes fun of all sides.

  20. And now we’re at a park. I am never getting home lol

    Edna’s all pissed because I refuse to drive home on account of that whole being completely blind at night thing

    1. A classmate in third grade somehow accidentally stuck his finger in one of the old school pencil sharpeners and cut the shit out of his finger.

      I will NEVER understand how that dumb fuck did that.

    1. Here’s what you do.

      Instead of you flying home, fly out all your doggos and the piggo to Wisconsin and share them with an all-new group of friends they haven’t met yet.

  21. Watching the bachelor party episode of parks and rec.
    Playing in the field with Andrew luck would be a cool experience

  22. What an odd combination for the beginning of my vinyl collection. Foo Fighters and A Frank Sinatra Jolly Christmas.

      1. I am a bit excited. I own a record player, drink whiskey, and own several plaid pajamas. I’m living the dream.

          1. Oh. No, I live in a cul-de-sac. It’s as unhipster as it gets.

            I would need to buy a 100 year old shanty house downtown and flip it to be a hipster here.

      1. I have my grandmother’s old vinyl copy of Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits.

        I don’t listen to it or anything, I just like looking at the album cover because it makes me giggle.

    1. I like to try different things, so that’s my excuse right now. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t see a problem with it.

  23. Hello!

    A friend in Vegas is safe, but a friend of a friend was shot in the shoulder and is in stable condition. Scary stuff.

    1. During an outdoor music festival last night, a shooter was in a hotel room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, and opened fire on the crowd. Killed 50 people, injured 400.

    2. Old ass psycho gets a hotel room in Mandalay Bay that overlooks a country music festival and opens fire into the crowd. I’ve heard 50 people are dead and between 200-400 injured

        1. I would prefer to get new owners, new management, and maybe even a new name in Cleveland. Just everything about the Browns feels like never ending losers at this point.

  24. Here’s what we know about Stephen Paddock, the man police identified as the shooter:

    Paddock, 64, is from Mesquite, Nevada, authorities said. Police believe Paddock may have killed himself just as police stormed his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. From there it’s believed he fired off “hundreds” of shots, targeting a crowd of 22,000 people attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival below.
    The Mesquite Police Department had no prior contact with him, according to spokesman Quinn Averett, nor had there been any calls to Paddock’s home in Mesquite, which is about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Paddock’s home is being searched. Officials did not know how long he had been living in the area.
    At least 10 rifles were found in his hotel room, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said at a news conference.
    Paddock had been at the Mandalay Bay since Thursday, Lombardo said.

    1. I don’t know what makes a person do that to other people. This guy just mowed down someone’s daughter, someone’s son, someone’s mother, someone’s dad. And for what?! For what? I just…..I don’t understand it.

  25. I live an hour from Jacksonville, and they have two wins! Maybe I should be a Jaguars fan?!

    I probably already would be if it weren’t for those terrible colors and uniform.

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