Geekery Saturday – September 23

Another week of news has come and gone. Let’s take a look at what’s happened over the last few days.

• With DC Comics’ DOOMSDAY CLOCK just about two months away from release, the publisher released a trailer for the series, with writer Geoff Johns discussing where the idea for the series – featuring a confrontation between the DC Universe characters and Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen – came from.

• Speaking of Watchmen, HBO has ordered a pilot for a new Watchmen series from Damon Lindelof.

• Following up on yesterday’s news about the ARROWVERSE crossover, Crisis on Earth X, the character of The Ray has been cast. Russell Tovey will take on both the live-action side and the voice of the character in the CW Seed animated series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

• The cast for GLASS, M. Night Shyamalan’s sequel to Unbreakable and Split has announced a number of returning cast. From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis (David Dunn), Samuel L. Jackson (Elijah Price/Mr. Glass), Spencer Treat Clarke (Joseph Dunn) and Charlayne Woodard (Elijah’s mother) will appear. From Split, James McAvoy (Kevin Crumb/The Beast) and Anya Taylor Joy (Casey Cooke) will reprise their roles. Sarah Paulson has also joined the cast in an unannounced role.

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  1. Decided on my next binge watch of a show I’ve never seen: parks and rec.

    I watched the first couple episodes when it started and didn’t like it.
    I now know to push through that first season and it gets better

    1. That show doesn’t find itself until middle of season 2, but by the middle of season 3 is one of the best shows of all-time.

      I would put season 3, 4 and 5 of Parks & Rec up against any other comedy.

      1. agreed. characters like April and Andy got fleshed out, Marc got put out to pasture and Ron and Leslie were amazing. I don’t think it hurt to kick that Tommy marriage storyline to the curb either.

  2. What the hell just happened? I let my dog in the backyard and instantly there is a big dog running through the backyard that my little dog Went bursting after. Then I suddenly saw them running through the alley. My gate was open, I had just A few minutes earlier what the other dog out who would have ran away had the gate open. And I had just gone out their trash and didn’t see anybody. And it’s a different gate than the one I used to take trash out. Anyway I got her back a block down. She was heading back home.

        1. Oh, yeah. She’s basically a rip-off Michael Scott until season 2, then she becomes one of the best female TV characters of all-time.

      1. Watched more episodes this morning (6) than the last 8 years combined (2).

        Leslie sucks so far; same with her live interest. Ron and Andy are killing it

  3. Apparently, GameStops in the City were refusing to sell the Nintendo Switch outside of a bundle, either with a warranty or a warranty plus games/cases. The Kotaku article reporting on this has both GameStop corporate and the workers at the store throwing each other under the bus.

    “They’re not supposed to do that.”

    “They’re forcing us to push bundles.”

  4. According to the Friday report, Jeter, who stands to be in charge of
    the business and baseball operations of the Marlins when the sale of the
    team is finalized, asked David Samson to dismiss Baseball Hall of
    Famers Andre Dawson and Tony Perez, as well as Jeff Conine, the former
    outfielder known as “Mr. Marlin,” and 2003 World Series-winning manager
    Jack McKeon.

    Jeter, after first telling Samson he wouldn’t be
    retained — which already was presumed — then asked him to inform the
    four of the moves, because Jeter didn’t want to do it, the Herald
    reported……not even a basket with an autographed ball? That’s cold

  5. Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!

    From trumps twitter

  6. Trying to get my wife to get a new phone is like pulling teeth. The thing is three years old, cracked screen and barely holds a charge and she complains about it constantly. But she makes excuses every time we’re gonna go get her a new one.

    Maybe tomorrow we can finally go to the Verizon store and figure something out. And maybe I’ll be able to find an OtterBox for my new phone (comin Tuesday!)

    1. I understand to a degree. getting a new phone (and contract) is complicated, the sales people try to rush you through it and if you let them you find out later what they left out or lied about. Not a favorite experience of mine

  7. “Prediction: Not one NFL owner, not Roger Goodell will say one word about what he said about Kaep or other NFL players. Not. A. One. ”

    I’m a Jemele Hill fan now.

      1. That’s easy. Slamming sports authority figures even if it could forever blackball you from journalism is much harder.

      2. what’s your point? Trump should bash Hill? She has a right to her opinion and to face the consequences of that (extremely valid) opinion just like Kaep has.

        1. so am I so I generally am up by 6 am on weekends simply due to my body thinking it’s time for work. I usually catch an afternoon nap both saturday and sunday

  8. Trump was on fire with dumbassery yesterday. claimed NFL ratings were down because everyone wanted to watch him. condemned refs for calling penalties on “beautiful tackles.” Told fans they should walk out of stadiums if players protest the anthem. Told owners they should “fire” players who protest the anthem.

      1. yep. apparently being in Alabama (his people) got Trump all riled up to talk sports yesterday.

        what truly frightens me is that segment of the american people so fucking stupid that Trump laying low during the Hurricanes had them suddenly approve of his job performance. His rating went up anywhere from 3-8% depending on the poll for doing nothing but having a natural disaster (well two and more if count the fires in Montana and California)

        American people are literally the stupidest fuckers on the planet

    1. That’s how he campaigns with his voter base, by making comments that have no impact on anything he does but can be used for a distraction, like with this disastrous health care bill

  9. listening to some Johnny Cash. Picked up a bio of him in the bargain bin the other day and been reading it so I’m in the mood

  10. This Bounce fabric softener commercial has a song set to the tune of The Outfield’s “Your Love” and it’s fucking great.

  11. so if we agree to tell Trump he can still hold big rallies and get cheers all he wants if he gives up the Presidency, think he’ll take it? I’m convinced that is all he enjoys in the whole process

    1. I think he doesn’t do anything major now beyond twitter and speeches (see un speech).

      I think guys like gen Kelly and pence are truly running things

      1. Maybe divide the office of the President in two. Let Trump be the head of state and give speeches and attend rallies. Let someone else be head of government to make the decisions about running the country while Trump is distracted by shiny things.

          1. that’s kinda my take. Trump gets nothing done. Which is a good thing since these people don’t give a shit about 99.9% of the world.

            The flip side though is Trump is doing irepairable harm to people believing anything outside of their own tiny world scope, this whole fake news thing, etc. More than any policy or action, the proliferation of actual fake news and people now claiming anything they disagree with or don’t like is “fake news” is setting this country back in ways we can’t come back from

          2. Trump being removed from office does nothing to help the fake news bullshit. It’s been slowly proliferated for years, and now it’s at its height, and I think it’ll be a while, unfortunately, before it goes away.

          3. yeah I think he’s kind of the end result of the fake news bullshit proliferating the internet, rather than the cause of it

  12. Just saw a conservative commentator say it was dumb for trump to say to fire the protesting players because players will most likely double down on the protests.

        1. Way more, he gave up on his act about 20 minutes in and just started talking about Seattle and goofing on people in the crowd (including Edna he called her a drunk cunt it was amaaaaaaaaaaazing)

  13. Last night I watched a shitfaced Mikey stand outside the door of a pizza joint with a large in his hands offering slices to every girl that walked by. Several took him up on the offer. Bitches flock to this guy it’s insane.

  14. We were at a restaurant earlier and the waitress brought the wrong thing because she thought I wanted the Noci Pizza when actually I’d just ordered the Gnocchi. She got a bit flustered because her boss was right there and when she went to take it back she fell down the step from our section and went flat on the floor and it was awful 🙁 She was okay but the whole thing was so embarrassing I felt so bad

          1. Ok. So anyway, I couldn’t write my article last night because the wife and I got in an argument and didn’t watch a hallmark movie.

  15. The most upper body strength I had was the first few years of our daughter’s life, especially the crawling and early toddler stages.

  16. My school year relaxation treat is a monthly trip to the spa for a hot stone massage and a pedicure. Helps make the school year go by a little better.

  17. remember when refs didn’t let defenders do the “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you” bullshit that siblings do to each other on the punt returner who’s fair catching the punt?

    I remember when refs enforced the little air space around the punt returner when he waved his hand.

    1. They’ve got there arms around each other, drunkenly singing Irish drinking songs about how much the M’s suck. Clanging their beer steins together and spilling beer on the guys in front of them. Mikey then hits on their girlfriends.

          1. I can’t watch Growing Pains reruns anymore in light of what a psychotic douche I’ve found Kirk Cameron to be. Didn’t know it at the time but he even had Julie McCullough fired on the show (why they broke off their engagement on the show) because he found out she posed for playboy. Judgmental prick

          2. I remember the first time I heard that story… it’s been a long time since I bothered with anything Kirk Cameron was in. They should’ve just written him off in a very special episode where he dies sky diving or something.

          3. the last season it was apparent the writers didn’t like him because the focus was all on Ben and the Leonardo DeCaprio character Luke

          4. doubtful. Chuck was a minor character in the first season. Kirk Cameron was a teen hearthrob for six or 7 years

          5. they killed off chandler… in Matthew Perry….Carol’s boyfriend for 15 minutes in a drunk driving accident

  18. Subsequent owners of the Amityville Horror house have changed the very distinctive look of the house to discourage sightseers. The original film used a house in Toms River, NJ made to look like the original. It too has been changed since.

  19. Decided to cancel Sling and go back to PSVue. Way too many issues with Sling and the app just plain not wanting to work on any of my devices. The last couple weeks it will record all the Premier League games but for some reason absolutely will not let me watch only specifically the Liverpool games which seems like a sign. I go to cancel my subscription and the link is apparently not working. All I get is a black bar. So screw you Sling.

    1. Seems silly but if you’re cancelling through a browser, try a different one. With Flash getting phased out, each browser’s starting to handle things stupidly

      1. I tried on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari on my phone and I’ve gotten the same black bar in every instance. I still have time to cancel before the next charge but I’m really annoyed and want to cancel it right away.

      1. For some reason I thought he had died. I do agree that he is funny. The Mary Tyler Moore Show had one of the most impressive casts of any TV show.

  20. Today so far I watched first 8 episodes of parks and rec.

    Tom, Ron and Andy are easily the best parts of this show.
    Leslie is just annoying

          1. I see that. There are certain episodes where she becomes overbearing. The one that comes to mind is the Pawnee Rangers episode where she attacks Ron’s club.

    1. They make her less female Michael Scott and much more competent. Her character improves a ton although be warned she still will have her episodes where she gets annoying.

        1. I feel like it takes them a little bit into Season 2 to get her going and by season 3 she’s there. They switched and made her super good at her job but she’s hyperpassionate as well which can get grating. Tom is awesome. Look out for Andy. He becomes the best character.

  21. turned to the Royals game after giving up on the cardinals and Bo Jackson legit random stopped by their broadcast booth. Awesome

  22. In less grumpy news, I finished Rick and Morty. For the most part I liked it but I don’t think it matched all the hype and acclaim behind it.

    I don’t know why but Rick yelling “Tiny Rick” is the funniest thing of all time to me. I wish Hulu had uncensored versions of the episodes.

  23. So apparently Mattel has released a Virgil action figure that comes with his sad “Virgil-Wrestling Superstar” sign he sadly displays at cons.

      1. It really is. They have pulled a few oddball picks over the years. Like that Shockmaster figure from last year. Oh, and to call back to something we spoke about earlier, with this current set of guys it comes with parts to build Bayley’s inflatable tube dudes.

          1. Agreed.

            I have liberal friends/relatives and conservative ones too.

            Most of them I’m cool with and we discuss politics but then talk sports, entertainment, whatever.

            I just don’t need to see 10 Facebook posts on trump or Obama or whatever

          2. It’s funny, I’m FB friends with very political people. Newspaper people, elected officials and their staffs. Union workers and comms directors. Almost none of them are political on FB. It’s a place for all of us to just take a break from it all and have more normal interests.

      1. I see articles from Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated and just cannot help myself in the comments section. It’s like crack, dude.

    1. I wouldn’t be opposed to it. They have the kids do it, they’ve heard it at least 500x by the point they get to say it. At least 3x a week they screw it up, lots of way too fast repeats so the class has no shot doing it sanely too

          1. I’m not talking about a constitutional amendment, though. Just the outright hysterical hypocrisy of calling someone out for being disrespectful to the flag when half the shit that goes on at any political rally – GOP or Dem – would be considered disrespectful according to this US Flag Code.

        1. He was at a rally in Alabama where he started talking about the NFL and kneeling for the anthem and he said, “don’t you wanna see the owners tell these sons of bitches to get off the field?” or something similar. The mothers of NFL players are not taking kindly to being called bitches.

          1. While also disinviting one of the most popular players in the NBA – Steph Curry – from his White House visit because he “hesitated” on accepting Trump’s invitation. So now, the Warriors, en masse, are not going to the White House as a show of support.

            And LeBron called Trump a bum.

  24. Oh yeah. I bought a Kurt Cobain lighter last night. It’s the most inappropriate Nirvana merch I have ever come across outside of the Kurt Cobain action figure and that comic..

          1. or self entitled young folks didn’t vote 3rd party or throw a non-voting tantrum (I won’t call out minorites because as someone who lives near Flint I DON’T blame those folks for believing their vote is meaningless)

  25. One lesson when I teach the electoral college is how many more votes the losing candidate would need to get in certain states to win the election.
    Example: gore in Florida in 2000 was about 600 votes or ford in 76 was about 50000 votes in just a few states.

    It will blow my kids minds next month when I show them how close last years election was

    1. I did my big senior project for my poli sci degree on the electoral college and did research on various “fixes” and how elections would go if it was abolished or revamped (such as splitting votes by popular vote or by district). It was interesting.

      Tell you students too about how much difference turnout makes. 15,000 black people show up in detroit and Trump loses Michigan. 15,000 young people in Michigan show up (or don’t waste their vote on Gary Johnson or Jill Stein….that ought to smoke Kenny out of hiding) Trump loses Michigan.

      Republicans win because Democrats don’t vote

      1. Yeah I show them that basically california, Texas, New York don’t mean that much.
        It’s the swing states that mean everything. Just a few votes in certain states would have changed 1960, 1976, 1968, 2000, 2004 and 2016 elections

      2. I would support the Nebraska/Maine way. Vote by congressional district and winner gets the addition 2 votes.
        That makes states like California, Texas, ny mean something

        1. the problem with voting by district is gerrymandering. Michigan would have been a route for Trump because the Democratic votes are packed in urban areas. I think this would be the same nationwide.

  26. Ugh. Damned game apathy. I should delete this and move on but I know I will wake up and like a fucking Alzheimer’s patient go “Aw man, you deleted Rocket League?” and download it again.

  27. A Wish For Christmas starring Lacey Chabert. We are 36 minutes in, and I’ve written a million words.

    I may be exaggerating.

  28. I was going to buy the Ties That Bind: The River Springsteen set on amazon but there was only one left and someone beat me to it so I gotta wait until the 28th now.

      1. It is. $70. I also got the Darkness on the Edge of Town set which is steeper. Nearly $90. Totally worth it dammit. I also got Born to Run for just $30

  29. I was going to try to stay out and drink but none of my friends want to come out so I’m waiting for my wife to pick me up super duper boo lol

  30. Notes are done for this thing. Lots of notes. Might take some screencaps too. Not writing the review until tomorrow since I’m beat.

    1. asian porn and anime has ruined me for Japan. I’d expect all the women to be giggly, high pitched voiced school girls. Plus it’s fucking crowded

  31. Hello all. I am no longer the owner of a Smart Car. also we watched Lost City of Z and Big Sick tonight.
    Z is a little slow but very good and very well acted by everyone involved

    Big Sick lives up to the hype and if you need a Rom Com to keep the wife happy watch this because it’s pretty spectacular.

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