The Flintstones

My Favorite Comics of 2017 – Part 1

Now that the final releases of the year have come and gone, it’s time to look back at the comic books that kept me coming back for more throughout 2017!

Subway Shorts – Fresh Eyes

What would an intergalactic Neighborhood Association think about Prehistoric Bedrock? Hopefully, The Flintstones never find out. Then there’s new kids trying to be heroes in Project Superpowers: Hero Killers.

Subway Shorts – Regrets

We’re all over the place this time around, as Bedrock regrets its election in The Flintstones, Jughead regrets posting a video that went viral and Batman… well, he has no regrets.

Subway Shorts: Crossover

DC Comics has a lot of crossovers planned this year, from the Justice League-Power Rangers mash-up to the Looney Tunes mash-ups coming later this year. Last week, we got another set, as the DC superheroes…

Subway Shorts – Nov. 5

Well, it’s my birthday, which means I have a table full of presents to start exploring. But first, there are comics to review! It’s Election Day over in Bedrock, so The Flintstones reflect on what…

No Picture

Subway Shorts – September 12, 2016

A nice variety of books today, covering three different facets of DC Comics publishing – Supergirl for the Rebirth line, The Flintstones from Hanna-Barbera and Everafter representing Vertigo comics.