Embracing the best of 80s pop.

It feels like nearly every artist with a remotely rhythmic instinct will at some point try their hand at an 80s-inspired album. It’s easy to see why, as there’s something exuberant about that danceable decade. It’s tough to go with that sound and still stand out, but Laura Mvula does so easily. “Church Girl” is the best that throwback synthpop has to offer, combining an absolutely ecstatic upbeat groove with a powerhouse vocal performance. It’s also got a strong center about overcoming strife, as Mvula sings out, “How can you dance with the devil on your back?” It’s all about accepting yourself and freeing yourself to live your life.

As Mvula said about the new sound, “This is the album I always wanted make. Every corner is made warm with sunset tones of the 80s. In my adult years I had forgotten how important dance was to me as a vital tool of my creative expression. I brought it back, just for me, so I could find my delight in dance again. And now I can’t stop dancing. I can’t wait to play this album live.”

“Church Girl” will appear on Mvula’s new album, Pink Noise, out on 7/2.