Pure, groovy happiness.

While many Japanese Breakfast songs from the project’s first two albums deal with grief, loss, self-doubt and the darkening political state of the world, Michelle Zauner is shifting focus for her third album under that moniker. Jubilee is all about joy, and you can hear that from the first note of the infectious, upbeat “Be Sweet.”

Riding a buoyant bass and spaced-out synth, the song shines with some Prince-style guitar chords and an absolutely captivating chorus, where Zauner shouts out, “I wanna believe in you.” It’s an ecstatic expression of connection and love, a tune that makes you want to dance and sing along. As we all slowly start to come out of our pandemic-induced year of isolation, “Be Sweet” is built to be the summer anthem that finds us reconnecting with our loved ones and living life to the fullest once again.

Jubilee is out on June 4 via Dead Oceans.