Built for the winter months.

Some songs instantly transport you to a place in your mind, undeniably connecting you to a setting that you may have never been to but feels right, nonetheless. “You Fall” by Jason Anderson is one of those songs, a beautiful, slow-building number that brings up images of a winter forest covered in gently falling snow. But it’s the type of winter weather that comes across as beautiful and serene rather than stormy.

You can hear it in the dry acoustic guitar arpeggios and in the expressive saxophone segments that ebb and flow throughout the track. It’s in Anderson’s deep, conversational and weary voice, where he lists the loss of all our ways of keeping us off the ground or safe from a rough landing. The music slowly adds elements like touches of bubbling synths and a cavernous bass line, until it hits a repeating chorus. “You fall/and you shatter,” Anderson sings, joined by dramatic backing vocals. It’s like a more restrained take on a Springsteen song from The River or Born in the U.S.A.

“You Fall” is opening track to Anderson’s new EP, We Walked Home in Silence, out now.