Previously on TITANS

With Starfire off dealing with a member of her Tamaranian Royal Guard trying to bring her back home, the rest of the Titans have gathered at the tower in San Francisco. The threat of Doctor Light is looming – not to mention the return of Deathstroke – and the former teammates have come together to figure out the best way to handle it.

Little do they know that Light and Deathstroke are now working together to take the Titans down.

And while the original members of the Titans are understandably concerned about the danger they may be in, the newer members just want to find a way to help. Beast Boy serves as the team’s tech guy, using the team’s supercomputer to track Light. But for Jason Todd – the second Robin, the one living in the shadow of Dick Grayson – it’s an opportunity to prove himself that he can’t pass up.

Jason’s brash behavior and his inner anger has been driving a lot of this season so far, and in this episode it leads him to trick Beast Boy into helping him find Doctor Light – after he escapes capture by Grayson, Hawk, Dove and Wonder Girl. While Light gave the original members some trouble, playing on their need to help the people around them, he did not find the same true of the second Robin, who promptly kicked his ass. Until Deathstroke showed up.

Considering Jason Todd’s original fate in the comics – getting killed by the Joker after a gimmicky phone poll – I think it’s safe to assume that Jason isn’t going to be around for the full slate of the Titans series, though I’m not sure this is the end for the character, even though I wouldn’t mind it. The angry young man bit is easily the character archetype that most quickly gets on my nerves.

Now that the Titans will have no choice but to confront Doctor Light and Deathstroke, I’m looking forward to learning more about this team’s history and what led them to fall apart. Getting to know more about Grayson, Hawk, Dove and Donna Troy will add a lot to the show’s world-building, and hopefully continue giving some of the characters more depth, because right now the only ones I really care about are Hawk and Dove.