In less than two years, Sudan Archives has made her music a must-listen. Every track she writes blends together R&B, electronica and her violin playing into something wholly original and beautiful. Now, she’s given us the first taste of her upcoming TBD debut album, with “Confessions.”

Labeled as a song about a “crisis of conscience,” the track opens like a score for dramatic epic, a melancholic tension that feels like it could crumble or ascend at any moment. Then, it switches gears into quick-footed percussion and fleeting strings that breeze effortlessly through the track. On the chorus, she sings “Confessions are falling down,” as her violin emphasizes each note. It’s one of the catchiest numbers she’s done to date, so easy to listen to that you’ll restart it the moment it’s over.

“Confessions” is available now via Stones Throw.