Allowing yourself to be free.

After their debut album, Glass, UV-TV moved from Florida to Queens, N.Y. for their follow-up, Happy. The title track moves forward with an aggressive blitz. It hits hard and speeds past within only a couple of minutes. But in that time, the band reveals a catchy pop hook at its core, awash in discord and noise. It’s the type of song where you’ll slam into a stranger at a show with a smile on your face.

Vocalist/bassist Rose Vastola said, “The song is about trying to appreciate the present moment. The word ‘happy’ by definition means one thing, but the feeling means something different as it varies from person to person. Part of happiness for me is understanding your past and allowing oneself to be free.” Listen to this track loud and you’ll discover that same freeing feeling.

Happy is out on July 19 via Deranged Records.