Last month, Square-Enix released yet ANOTHER version of the 2001 PlayStation 2 classion, FINAL FANTASY X, along with its 2003 sequel, FINAL FANTASY X-2, for the Nintendo Switch. The next week, the company followed it up with a new edition of FINAL FANTASY XII.

While I only played FFXII once (and I’m not sure I finished it, to be honest), I’ve played FFX multiple times. In fact, I’ve bought the game several times. I’ve owned it for the PS2, PlayStation Vita and the PS4. I really liked having the game on a portable system like the Vita, but when Sony gave up on its handheld device, I gave up on it, too. I’ve regretted that for a bit, because I spend a good amount of time on the subway and having a game I enjoy playing is always a good way to keep my brain occupied.

So, of course, when FFX/FFX-2 was released for the Nintendo Switch – which can be used as either a home console or a portable system – I made a bee-line to Best Buy and bought it. Over the last few weeks, I’ve immersed myself in the world of Spira as Tidus and his merry misfit band of guardians protect the summoner Yuna on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin.

FINAL FANTASY X has always been my favorite game of the series. While Tidus can be annoying, overall the cast of characters is well-rounded. The gameplay is simple yet engaging – as it is in all the best FINAL FANTASY games – and the story is enchanting. As the first game in the series to include voice acting, it’s impressive how well it holds up over the years.

Every time I’ve re-purchased FINAL FANTASY X, I’ve sworn that would be the last time I would do it, so I won’t make the same declaration this time around. After all, half the fun of these games is revisiting them after you’ve put them down for a while (as my iPad’s inclusion of Final Fantasies VI, VII and IX will attest… I’m still waiting for the opportunity to re-buy Final Fantasy VIII).

Once I finish this one, maybe I’ll even pick up FINAL FANTASY XII and give that one another try, as long as I’m not tied up in another game…

Yeah, the remake of FINAL FANTASY VII – arguably the most popular game of the series – has been in development for years, but it looks like we’re finally going to get some news about its release.

Originally announced way back in 2015 (I can’t believe it’s been that long!), news and notes about the game have trickled. We know the game will be a visual upgrade from the polygonal look of the 1997 original and the story will be updated for more modern sensibilities. Most importantly, the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will be released in installments. The idea is that the remake will be so massive in scale that it can’t be handled by one game release, so in order to keep everything as epic as possible, the game will be broken up into different chapters and released separately.

This will, of course, allow Square-Enix to gouge as much money from gamers as possible. Respect.

After four years of rumors and questions, we finally got a glimpse of what’s to come during Sony’s STATE OF PLAY stream earlier this week.

Of course, this isn’t an announcement of any kind, just a teaser to whet our appetites. The video is amazing, and blows away any expectations. It’s like a whole new game. Probably because it is. The big reveal will be coming next month, according to the video, with the speculation being that we’re going to get an announcement at E3.

Looks like my days of giving money to Square-Enix are far from over.